Wednesday, January 26, 2005


The U. S. decided to go against Iran. Now, these are not the exact words they used, but basically they are checking things out in a country that was already mentioned a couple of years ago, and during the entire Bush's first term, as one of the axis of evil. North Korea was the third one the President had in mind.
Things don't seem to get better: Iraq is under continuous fire by the local forces; U. S. soldiers are dieing for a war they don't even understand; new contracts in Iraq are probably making happy thousands of companies and banks around the world, around a world that already is shaking finacially, socially and racially. On top of these very superficial reason, in a way that only common sense brings us to talk about them, we have a mental war that is going on with Iran.

After Iran we'll have North Korea, and after North Korea, we should thank God that we are stll alive. However, that is not the same god countries are fighting for. It's a god that takes sides, knows what's good and what's evil, is a powerful engine that transforms people and their ideals into something bigger than them, bigger than life. Life should be the only thing we fight for, holding on to it with all of ourselves. Just by looking at a lion running after a zebrea, I see what life really means for an animal that is running away for it and the other who's grabbing it. Is, then, war the answer? Maybe, sometimes. Were the crusades the answer? Maybe...


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