Thursday, February 10, 2005


hey guys,
nothing much is going on in my life these days. i'm actually feeling like i'm in a very very long vacation, a vacation before the start of a new life. don't know if i'm gonna study, don't know if i'll become whatever i say i'll become.
one thing is for sure: the determination will never stop pumping into my blood. my hope is that it's pumping the right stuff, and not unreacheable dreams, undoable plans that i can't possibly act upon. i've always been thinking of what the future wants for me. it seems like it's this incredibly strong force that shifts your emotions, making you feel impotent, depriving you of all your self; and every time it hits the idea of it, you have to fight hard not to let it bring you down with it.
well... i'm only gonna wait for now, letting this abstract thing break my patience so that i lift my ass from this f... bed and do something about.
in the mean time, keep peace!

Monday, February 07, 2005


now that i got the files i can update my website... but... shall i write in italian or in english???
i need some feed back from you people. let me know!